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Where does REDcycle plastic go?

PLEASE NOTE: As per recent media awareness, REDcycle has temporarily paused its soft plastics collection program from 9 November 2022.

Please dispose of your soft plastics in landfill, as there will be no recovery from Coles and Woolworths stores at this time.

REDcycle and our partners are committed to having the program back up and running as soon as possible.

Nothing is truly recycled until it re-enters the market as a recycled-content product and someone buys it.

REDcycle collaborates with two trusted, Australian owned and based recycling and manufacturing partners who utilise recovered material to produce a range of hundreds of recycled plastic products. Replas and Close the Loop.

The following case studies show what happens to plastic collected by the REDcycle program.

Mackay Regional Council first to use Polyrok in Qld

Mackay Regional Council first to use
Polyrok in Qld

Mackay Regional Council has become the first organisation in Queensland to use Polyrok. Council recently conducted a test pour on Thursday, March 10. Polyrok aggregate is made from recycled soft plastic and is incorporated into concrete in place of mineral aggregate. Using state-of-the art technology, Replas has developed Polyrok in conjunction with RMIT. READ MORE ...

Coles Trolley Redcycle

Support from Coles for products manufactured with REDcycle plastics

Coles and RED Group have been working together since 2011 on the REDcycle collection program. The company has been a great supporter of the circular economy for soft plastics. For years Coles has been buying benches containing REDcycle plastics for use outside its stores, and donating them to schools and community groups across Australia. READ MORE ...

Pioneers in the use of soft plastics to enhance road performance.

The Hume City Council has been a pioneer in the use of REDcycle plastics in roads. In the 12 months to June 2021 REDcycle collected 9 tonnes of soft plastic (equivalent to over two million plastic bags) in bins at Coles and Woolworths within the Hume City Council local government area. READ MORE ...

REDcycle Polyrok

Polyrok contains 95% REDcycle

In November 2020 Coles Horsham in regional Victoria installed the first commercial Polyrok kerb and footpath in Australia. The Polyrok used in this concrete contained around 900,000 pieces of REDcycle plastic. Polyrok was developed by Replas, which has been a manufacturing partner of the REDcycle program since it started ten years ago. READ MORE ...

Circular Economy for soft plastics in Local Government

The Circular Economy is attracting the interest of local governments across the country. Some councils are appointing people to the role of Circular Economy Lead to take a more wholistic approach and some are just getting on with buying products containing recycled post-consumer waste. READ MORE ...

PLUSPosts – a new use for REDcycle plastics.

Plastic Forests is a multi-award-winning business that recycles post-consumer, post-agricultural and post-industrial soft plastics into a range of products. Late last year they started producing the PLUSPost. This steel-reinforced plastic post has been designed as an alternative to treated pine, concrete or steel fence posts. READ MORE ...