AU What To Redcycle – Redcycle

what to REDcycle

The REDcycle Program makes it easy for consumers to keep plastic bags and packaging out of landfill.

First, please check the packaging for any sign of the new Australian Recycling Label (ARL) symbols (find out more about these at OR the REDcycle logo.  In the absence of one of these symbols (note these are gradually being rolled out to ALL types of packaging – this will just take a little bit of time), use the below table as your guide.

Please note: we are not able to accept materials in black (or dark green) garbage bags. The supermarket staff nor our drivers can easily see the contents of the bags, meaning that they cannot easily detect whether or not they contain any contaminants/garbage. In relation to individual pieces of black soft plastic (and black bags that do not contain other soft plastic packaging), these are fine to REDcycle, just please cut to A3 size pieces or smaller.

Also, please try to let as many people as possible know that these bins are not intended for general waste!



Please note that the REDcycle Program has been developed for post consumer household plastic. Participating supermarkets are not obliged to accept large volumes of commercial plastic waste.

how to REDcycle

you collect

  • Collect all the soft plastics that you can’t recycle at home.
  • Please ensure they are dry and as empty as possible.

you drop

  • Drop your soft plastics into your nearest REDcycle collection bin and RED Group will do the rest.
  • There are participating supermarkets all around Australia. Find the REDcycle drop off point nearest to you.
  • REDcycle bins are typically located near the checkout. There are currently a few different types of REDcycle bins in use depending on the store so please ask at the customer service desk if you can’t locate the bin

we recycle

  • The collected plastic is returned to RED Group’s facility for initial processing, then delivered to Victorian manufacturer Replas where it undergoes an incredible transformation.
  • Replas uses the material as the resource to produce a huge range of recycled-plastic products, from fitness circuits to sturdy outdoor furniture, bollards, signage and more.