AU Schools – Redcycle

schools and the REDcycle program

At REDGroup, we are very supportive of efforts to educate and encourage young people to reduce their impact on the environment. We also encourage your efforts to make your school or day care centre more sustainable. 

can we have a REDcycle drop-off bin at our school?

Given the current roll out of the REDcycle programme to all Coles and Woolworths stores, we are not able to offer collection services to schools, day care centres or other businesses due to logistical reasons at this stage. Therefore we encourage everyone to utilise our existing network.

where are REDcycle drop-off points located?

There are more than 900 participating supermarkets around Australia – with this increasing every day! Check out Where to REDcycle to find the drop off point nearest you.

running a soft plastic recycling scheme at your school

Quite a few schools around Australia have developed their own soft plastic recycling scheme, developing a roster system and having someone take the collected soft plastics to the school’s closest participating REDcycle supermarket.

St. Joseph’s College in Geelong, VIC, is a school that uses the local participating store drop off method.  Check out their programme at

what happens to the plastic once it’s dropped off to REDcycle?

RED Group brings collected plastic back to our facility for initial processing and then it is delivered to Victorian based manufacturer, Replas. Replas uses the material as the resource to produce a huge range of recycled-plastic products, from fitness circuits to sturdy outdoor furniture, to bollards and signage.

can our school purchase recycled plastic products?

Absolutely! Recycled plastic furniture from Replas can be purchased at any time. View the vast product range at The seats and outdoor settings are perfect for use in schools as they are maintenance-free!

can our school have a Replas product made out of the plastic we collect?

This is too tricky to do. As all the soft plastics collected by REDcycle gets mixed together, it is too difficult to have something manufactured with the exact plastic collected at your school.

competitions and school programs

At present, there are no competitions or school programs running at the moment.

soft plastic recycling videos for students

Scope TV
Great for older children

Totally Wild video explains the REDcycle Program.
Great for younger children

how much soft plastic has RED Group collected?

  • RED Group recovers and recycles over 4 million pieces of soft plastic (bags and packaging) every week
  • RED Group has recovered and recycled over 540 million pieces of soft plastic since 2011
  • That’s over 2150 tonnes of soft plastic that will never end up in landfill, on our beaches or in our waterways
  • That’s the equivalent to 538 elephants (weighing 4 tonnes each)